Become a Volunteer


We run training courses for women who would like to be helpline volunteers or face

to face counsellors. All training is free, though we do request a deposit for our

specialist counselling training.



Donate Some Money


All donations and fundraising are gratefully received.

For details please Contact Us.



Offer Support


Offer support and understanding to anyone you know has been

raped or sexually abused.  



Challenge the Myths such as: 


"Rapists are strangers" - 94% of female victims reported that a serious sexual

assault has been committed by someone known to them.


"Women provoke rape" - Women from all ages, classes, races and backgrounds are

raped, from babies to women in their 90's.


"The rapist is a psychopath" - Virtually all (97%) of rapists are perfectly sane at the

time of the attack.


"Men can't help it; they have uncontrollable urges" - No sexual urge is

uncontrollable, it is a man's choice whether he acts on it or not. Research shows

that 80% of rapes are planned.


 "Women invent allegations of rape" - It is estimated that only 15% of rapes are

reported. Police records show that 2% of rape allegations made are false which is

the same as other serious crimes.  






East Kent Rape Line - Charity No. 1017581 

PO Box 353 Canterbury - Office: 01227 451753 - Email:

Helpline: 08004582818 - Support : 01227450400 - Openness Project: 01227784886


Supported by: Home Office, Kent RAG, University of Kent, Ministry of Justice, PCC,

Streynshams Trust, Allen Lane Foundation, Whitehead Monckton